The Tao of Sales

Different from traditional sales doctrine books, The Tao of Sales presents an eclectic conversation about effective methods for success in sales based on simplicity, questioning, ownership, ethics, and working smart.  The Tao of Sales gives a plethora of tips regarding a simple, organic sales process that is a collaboration between the salesperson and the prospect rather than the competition.    The author uses personal experiences to underscore many of the methods, principles, and points.  Because sales advice and training take many forms, shapes, and colors, he encourages practitioners to make educated choices and to apply what resonates from within.  The Tao of Sales is geared for the novice, the beginner, those needing to make choices or changes, and those looking for a better way.

John Fabiano - The Tao of Sales bookcover

The Endangered Sales Person’s Path to Longevity

“What a piece of work is a salesperson, to work with people who many times defy reason, when having to master infinite skills and labors, including to think, act, speak, dance, and overall, perform well while endeavoring to present a form and image delightful, pleasing, and acceptable to the potential customer. Yes, an angel, a god, a conundrum” (John Fabiano).

With concern for the future of the salesperson who is at risk of disappearing from core business processes due to the explosion of technology and changing attitudes, John Fabiano presents a consideration for success and longevity, different from traditional sales doctrine, emphasizing a return to sales basics and fundamentals as a starting point for the individual salesperson to retune his or her efforts and methods.

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